It could destroy the business you’ve spent a lifetime building and wreck your financial plans. Is there an Exit Bomb inside your business?

Find out now … before it’s too late.

Ask yourself …

1. Do you plan to sell and live happily ever after on the proceeds?
Many business owners do. Yet with 80 – 90% of their net worth in their businesses, there’s not a lot to live on when the business is sold.1

2. Could your business stay in business without you?
Buyers don’t want a business that can’t operate without the current owners. That’s why 80% of all businesses are virtually unsalable.2

3. Does the Grand Canyon take priority?
Most business owners will spend more time planning a family vacation than they will on their exit plan.

4. What about the kids?
Planning on passing the business on to your children? 70% of family businesses never get that far.3 Why? No formal succession plan or family squabbles.

5. Can you sell in a buyer’s market?
50% of all businesses will change hands in the next 5-10 years. 4 And with baby boomers reaching retirement age and selling their businesses, expect the market to be flooded and prices lowered.

6. Will you suffer seller’s remorse?
75% of all sellers do – within a year of selling – because the sale didn’t accomplish their financial and personal goals.5

7. Will you be working late?
Late into your seventies, that is, because you had to delay retirement. Some 60% of all owners will – because many had unrealistic expectations of their business’ value.6

Could an Exit Bomb™ be ticking away inside your business?

Don’t worry. We can help defuse it.

We’re RareBrain and we know that selling or transitioning a business is very different from building one. Which is why we offer comprehensive exit programs and implementation services customized to your exit timeline, as well as to your personal, family, business and financial goals.

If you’re considering exiting your business – now or in the future – learn how you can leverage our expertise to grow and transition your business to your family or your employees – or to sell to our extensive network of strategic acquirers for the maximum payout.

If your company has revenues of $1 million to $150 million and you would like a FREE COMPANY EXIT ASSESSMENT AND VALUATION ANALYSIS, please call 866-469-3711 or email us.